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When your marriage relationship has become dysfunctional, divorce is often the solution. For others, they may have grown apart and now want to move on with their life. Whatever the reason, a divorce that legally ends your marriage can be straightforward or contentious.

Our attorneys at Kubyn & Ghaster can help you, regardless of your situation. We have helped thousands of individuals during the decades of our practice and we can help you. We have the experience to discuss your facts and provide knowledgeable and compassionate guidance throughout the process.

Important Decisions — Experienced Guidance

There are many issues to resolve during a divorce. If you have children, a significant part of your settlement agreement will likely involve the child custody, support, visitation and parenting plans that will govern your relationship with your children and their other parent.

Courts in Ohio are more likely to approve shared parenting relationships, so it’s important to build a foundation in your custody agreement that will foster civil relations between you and your child’s other parent and allow your child to thrive.

Property Division

Another important matter will involve the division of your marital property. Ohio is an equitable division state, so property and debts will be divided in a fair and equitable manner, not necessarily a 50/50 split. Our attorneys understand the importance of getting this right the first time, as modifications to property division after the final order has been entered it is very difficult to change.

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